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Big lover of the PHiSH/ the Dead. I know all about the spreadsheet and, but what is a solid recommendation for a similar type of site for the Dead? I've got a pretty extensive collection at this point and do have my go-to sites, just wondering what you prefer to use to see if a switch is in order ... The Grateful Dead Have Teamed Up With Headcount To Help You Register To Vote – Learn How, Check Your Registration, Get Info On Voting From Home And More

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Set 1 : you enjoy these 4k upgrades please consider helping to support essential upgrades to keep this ball rolling.Ways you c...

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Grateful Dead - September 27, 1976 War Memorial Auditorium - Rochester, NY Recording Info: SBD -> Master Reel -> Dat (44.1k) Transfer Info: Dat (Sony R500) -> Behringer Ultramatch SRC2000 -> Samplitude Professional v9.11 -> FLAC (3 Discs Audio / 2 Discs FLAC) All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller [email protected] July 18, 2006 Patch Info: Want a show? Look for a source link in the new "Download Source" section of each date. There will be a link to the Internet Archivewhen there is audio available (soundboard sources are streaming only). "j-card" scan of one Dick Latvala's cassettes of vault reels: San Francisco, April 5, 1969 Bob Dylan & Grateful Dead* ‎- The Complete Rehearsals [SBD] Soundboard 1-1 The French Girl / Blues Stay Away From Me 6:33 1-2 Conversation 6:03 1-3 John Hardy (John Hardy Was A Desperate Man) 5:42 1-4 Conversation 2:19 1-5 Instrumental Jam 2:44 1-6 I'm So Lonesome 3:12 1-7 The Times They Are A-Changin' 3:15 1-8 When I Paint My Masterpiece 4:00

Feb 19, 2010 · Any Grateful Dead audiophile want to discus the new April 71 SBD releases from Charlie Miller? Thx for the heads-up. I hit my saturation point with the Dead show collecting some years ago, but sounds like I should make an exception for these. The Grateful Dead and our managing organizations have long encouraged the purely non-commercial exchange of music taped at our concerts and those of our individual members. That a new medium of distribution has arisen - digital audio files being traded over the Internet - does not change our policy in this regard.

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